The KORI Sandals (KS) Capri–Italy Brand was born out of the desire to make unique, superior quality, and aesthetically pleasing handmade Italian footwear available worldwide. The intention of the brand founder and creative designer, LAURA MARTELLI, was to create her own Collection of Italian footwear combining modern fashion designs with the ancient manufacturing traditions from Capri and the region of Marche, Italy.  KORI Sandals Capri-Italy is a highly respected Brand known for their luxurious, superior quality Italian footwear Collections and appreciated around the world.

Entirely handmade, KORI Sandals (KS) provides the highest quality Italian footwear made with genuine Tuscany Leather and 100% Swarovski® Crystals, accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity. Their Italian footwear Collections are made using ancient shoemaking traditions from Capri and the region of Marche, Italy, known worldwide for manufacturing the finest and most luxurious Italian footwear, with processing techniques handed down from generation to generation. 

The founder, LAURA MARTELLI, collaborates closely with her team of Italian master craftsmen to create and design the variety of Swarovski® Crystals compositions and Tuscany Leather combinations, while ensuring her high standards of superior quality, refined elegance, and comfort are maintained. 

At KORI Sandals Capri-Italy, we believe quality and personalization are fundamental values ​​for those seeking excellence in their lifestyle. Which is why we offer handmade Italian footwear characterized by ancient shoemaking traditions, yet adaptable to modern fashion trends, while also respecting classicism.


The brand founder and creative designer, LAURA MARTELLI, is a native Italian born in Milan, one of the largest and most respected fashion capitals of the world.

As a child, Laura developed a strong passion and interest in footwear such that she requested her father gift her pairs of shoes, rather than toys.  Her keen interest in shoes was so intense, that her father used to insist on providing toys, which she respectfully refused. She was fascinated by the beauty and multitude of various shoe designs. Not surprisingly, Laura seldom wore her gifted shoes, but instead kept them on display to be visually admired as works of art.

While growing up, Laura enjoyed sketching other children by emphasizing every detail of their footwear. She was unique to others, in that the creativeness and fashion sense of her designs as exhibited in her sketches, were naturally geared toward anticipating future fashion footwear trends.  

As with most artists, Laura too experienced setbacks requiring she momentarily cast her dreams aside and take a different direction in life out of necessity. She had to contend with difficult and challenging situations, but through it all, maintained her courage and strength to continue pursuing her dreams of creating her own beautiful Italian footwear Collection. 

Today, Laura is a highly successful entrepreneur and fashion footwear visionary, collaborating closely with her team of Italian master craftsmen to bring her uniquely creative and fashionable Italian footwear designs into existence, making them available for all to appreciate and enjoy!